I consider it an honor to serve my patients, and I have done so in Fort Collins since 1996. It is the highest privilege to work with someone and discover their unique life story, and find answers to concerns in their life. I provide a customized, personal approach, based on their values and life goals. It is great to see people overcome concerns that sometimes have plagued them for years.

They get in the driver’s seat in their life again and start thriving! The kinds of concerns people come to me with range from depression and bipolar affective disorder to anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and addictions. A personalized approach means many things. Some people prefer to just use medication. Others just want counseling and education. Still others want a combination of both. Some on medication want to know counseling approaches that might allow them to reduce their medication.

I focus on their goals for their life and keep their values in mind. Some value learning time management skills, while others value meditation or relationship skills or social intelligence. I am always impressed with people’s ability to bounce back from the most challenging situations in their life.